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Here is a small sampling of some of the tables we have created in the past. These pieces have been sold, but if you see a piece with a particular design you like, we'll be happy to try to create one as close as possible.
  redwood burl table custom furniture Walnut Book-Matched Dining Table with Steel Legs Height: 30"
Satin Finish Length: 72"
$3,440 Width: 36"
  redwood burl table custom furniture Redwood Burl Coffee Table Height: 19"
Satin Finish Length: 47"
$950 Width: 24"
  redwood burl table custom furniture Redwood Burl Table Height: 26"
Satin Finish Length: 43"
$1,150 Width: 33"
  redwood burl table custom furniture Redwood Burl End Table Height: 27"
Satin Finish Length: 33"
$750 Width: 28"
  redwood burl table custom furniture Redwood Lace Burl Coffee Table Height: 19"
Satin Finish Length: 45"
$1,500 Width: 28"
  redwood burl table custom furniture Redwood Burl Coffee Table Height: 20.5"
Satin Finish Length: 63"
$2,200 Width: 42"