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  Check out our latest hand-made furniture creations from the shop. These coffee tables, dining tables, table bases, and end tables are in stock now, and can be sold as complete tables or individual pieces. Call today to assure your one of a kind piece!
  redwood burl table custom furniture Curly Redwood Book-Matched Conference Table with Steel Legs Height: 30"
Satin Finish Length: 144"
$4,040 Width: 44"
  redwood burl table custom furniture Redwood Burl Dining Table with Root Base Height: 30"
Satin Finish Length: 84"
$5,700 Width: 70"
  redwood burl table custom furniture Elm Dining Table with Steel Legs Height: 30"
Satin Finish Length: 84"
$2,450 Width: 47"
  redwood burl table custom furniture Redwood Burl Table Height: 26"
Satin Finish Length: 43"
$1,150 Width: 33"
  redwood burl table custom furniture Redwood Burl Coffee Table Height: 19"
Satin Finish Length: 47"
$950 Width: 24"
  redwood burl table custom furniture Redwood Burl Coffee Table with Steel Legs Height: 18.5"
Satin Finish Length: 40"
$700 Width: 21-24"
  redwood burl table custom furniture Redwood Table with Steel Legs
Custom built, available in a variety of sizes
Call for price!
  redwood burl table custom furniture Redwood Dining Table Height: 30"
Satin Alcohol & Water Proof Finish Length: 78"
SOLD! Width: 60"
  redwood burl table custom furniture Lace Redwood Burl Coffee Table Height: 18"
Satin Finish Length: 59"
$2,500 Width: 42"
  redwood burl table custom furniture Redwood Book-Matched Dining Table with Steel Base Height: 30"
Satin Finish Length: 108"
$2,250 Width: 44"

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